Sep 032015

Psst. MangoRice Lives!

There’s been a whole lot of life going on for both Matt and myself involving a move across country, day job adventures, and PJ’s evolution into Piper J. Drake.

We’re picking up on the format proposed in Season 3, starting with a joint podcast episode and following up with solo episodes from PJ and Matt before coming back with another joint episode.

If you’ve been sticking with us through the years, thank you. We hope this season will be lots of fun. If you’re new to this podcast, hang on tight. The future is going to be sort of a timey-wimey, wibbly wobbly sort of thing.


  • 00:53 Welcome!

  • 01:25 Creepy road tunnels vs. Ferries

  • 04:35 Club 34 and PJ’s standing offer to kill you in a book

  • 05:45 Jurassic World: What we enjoyed and our pet peeves

  • 16:40 What the heck are horripilations?

  • 17:05 E3 revelations we love: FFVII & Kingdom Hearts 3

  • 20:00 Mangoes & Sticky Rice, Japanese Curry & Panda Onigiri for Matt’s Birthday

Fun Follow ups from the Podcast:

  • The dinosaur from Jurassic World that was NOT a Megaladon was a Mosasaurus. Incidentally, the Mosasaurus is not actually a dinosaur and though PJ thought it looked like a precursor to a crocodile, scientists are still pondering what it’s related to. Here’s 9 facts about the Coolest Creature in Jurassic World (arguably)
Jurassic World's Mosasaurus maximus feeding show. Image: Jurassic World Wikia

Jurassic World’s Mosasaurus maximus feeding show. Image: Jurassic World Wikia

  • Picture of the Japanese curry and Panda Onigiri PJ made for Matt’s birthday

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Aug 282014

OrD and PJ are back again.  MangoRice once again raises its head from the ashes and trembles towards standing on its gelding feet.  Will there be success??

PJ comes up with a twist on the style.  Short solo episodes directed either from PJ at OrD, or vice-versa to fill the gaps between the monthly(-ish) full episodes.

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Nov 122012

OrD and PJ take some time out to talk about favorite games and why playing them is research, plus a bit of insight from OrD on being a veteran on Veteran’s Day.

0:26 – Welcome!

  • 0:40 – Previous Episode Recap
  • 1:00 – Upcoming Content Preview

2:23 – PJ’s Segment

  • 2:35 – Why does PJ hesitate to call herself a Gamer?
  • 3:10 – How OrD got PJ’s editor, Mallory Braus, to play League of Legends
  • 10:27 – PJ needs to do Research! Dishonor, BioShock, Mass Effect 3…
  • 11:57 – This thing called Dungeons & Dragons
  • 14:28 – Gaming with Dana Marie Bell & Robert C Roman
  • 16:40 – Robert C Roman as a GM and how it led to BlueBloods on JukePop Serials!
  • 18:33 – OrD’s issue with die and The Roaming Artist’s D20 adventure
  • 22:00 – Live Action Role Playing games like Shelter in Place! Zombies! by JR Blackwell from Galileo Games

24:00 –  OrD’s Segment

  • 24:00 – TechPhx, the un-conference
  • 24:46 – Why Don Burnside sounds familiar
  • 25:12 – Accidentally name dropping: Tee Morris
  • 26:10 – Ustream…and RomanciaOnline roasting turkey
  • 27:45 – OrD on being a Veteran on Veteran’s day
  • 29:30 – Shout out to Lt. Sean Donnelly and hope your men liked the cupcakes!

32:46 –  Quick Picks for the Week

  • 43:21 – PJ’s Pick: Recently read book
  • 33:12 – OrD’s Pick: ???

33:13 – Shout-outs Include


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