Sep 182015

Matt is back to present episode 2 solo with the new season format.


  • 00:00  Welcome by Matt!
  • 01:45  Matt owes PJ a penalty game
  • 03:09  Communication and how are relationship has changed this year
  • 06:28  Matt’s oldest memory
  • 10:17  Tangents. Tough. Hard as nails, or something.
  • 11:03  What’s on the exact opposite side of the world from you?
  • 14:50  Plans for Star Wars
  • 16:14  Rocket League

Fun Follow ups from the Podcast:

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Strawberry Heart

Sep 032015

Psst. MangoRice Lives!

There’s been a whole lot of life going on for both Matt and myself involving a move across country, day job adventures, and PJ’s evolution into Piper J. Drake.

We’re picking up on the format proposed in Season 3, starting with a joint podcast episode and following up with solo episodes from PJ and Matt before coming back with another joint episode.

If you’ve been sticking with us through the years, thank you. We hope this season will be lots of fun. If you’re new to this podcast, hang on tight. The future is going to be sort of a timey-wimey, wibbly wobbly sort of thing.


  • 00:53 Welcome!

  • 01:25 Creepy road tunnels vs. Ferries

  • 04:35 Club 34 and PJ’s standing offer to kill you in a book

  • 05:45 Jurassic World: What we enjoyed and our pet peeves

  • 16:40 What the heck are horripilations?

  • 17:05 E3 revelations we love: FFVII & Kingdom Hearts 3

  • 20:00 Mangoes & Sticky Rice, Japanese Curry & Panda Onigiri for Matt’s Birthday

Fun Follow ups from the Podcast:

  • The dinosaur from Jurassic World that was NOT a Megaladon was a Mosasaurus. Incidentally, the Mosasaurus is not actually a dinosaur and though PJ thought it looked like a precursor to a crocodile, scientists are still pondering what it’s related to. Here’s 9 facts about the Coolest Creature in Jurassic World (arguably)
Jurassic World's Mosasaurus maximus feeding show. Image: Jurassic World Wikia

Jurassic World’s Mosasaurus maximus feeding show. Image: Jurassic World Wikia

  • Picture of the Japanese curry and Panda Onigiri PJ made for Matt’s birthday

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Feb 212013

OrD and PJ are back and they’ve got a special  guest. Please join them in a chat with Myke Cole!


Find Myke online here:

0:16 – Welcome!
  • 0:36 – Previous Episode Recap
  • 0:54 – Upcoming Content Preview

01:15 – Interview of Myke Cole

  • 01:53 – Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier
  • 05:04 – People fumble in life <- so true
  • 10:30 – Dragon Age 2, D&D table tops…Myke is a Gamer!
  • 11:28 – Another 3 book deal! Grats 😉
  • 13:09 – Author shoutouts and D&D gaming
  • 14:35 – PJ’s first advance check from Galileo Games and The Ministry Initiative rpg
  • 16:07 – The trigger for the creation of the Ministry Initiative rpg
  • 16:40 – Shadows Ops series as a game? The Roundtable podcast may have done it
  • 24:54 – Blackhawke Down Meets the X-men

Shout-outs Include:


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Dec 222012

Happy Holidays! As a special treat, OrD and PJ got together and did a full reading of PJ’s free holiday story, A GIFT FOR BOGGLE, for your listening pleasure.

This science fiction romance short story has a particular history and is, in fact, the response to a gauntlet tossed down by The Galaxy Express after their review of HUNTING KAT, Book 1 in the Triton Experiment series:

The Galaxy Express issues a Challenge

This story is PJ’s answer, as promised in Episode 5 of our podcast series. 😉


Boggle receives a special Christmas delivery, exclusive and non-transferable. He just has to make sure he doesn’t fry the courier with his security system. O.o

Have a listen, but warning: this story contains explicit adult content and is NSFW!

If you’d like to download a free copy of the ebook, visit PJ’s website.

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